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UVC members with a heart of gold

We are always happy to share with our members different stories and moments, and this particular one was a very nice one. The Lecrercs, a precious family stayed at Now Onyx 6 months ago. This was one of their best experiences they had experienced as UVC members. because during their stay they visited a nearby school, that wasn’t in the best conditions at all.

Sofia, their 14-year old daughter, taught us there that everyone can make a difference in making the world a much better place to live, regardless of your country or city of residence, your economic status or even your disabilities. Sofia is a great example of this, she has Down Syndrome but also a very happy attitude and a loving disposition, due to this her positive energy made an impact in everyone around her.


Wow moment 2

Time after the Lecrercs returned, but now they decided to stay at Dreams Punta Cana. We gave them a happy and loving reception as always. Sofia was very excited to be cheered by our entertainment team, she was all smiles!
This time Unlimited Vacation Club went with them to the Cajuil school bringing donations that will surely contribute to make it a better place. All children received the gifts with smiles and a thankful heart.

We want to thank Orelinda Richiez from Member Services at Dreams Punta Cana for sharing this beautiful story as well. Well keep you posted with any new loving stories we receive form our UVC members & our Member Services Agents (MESES)

WOw moment Dreams Punta Cana