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There is no deadline that is not fulfilled or date that is not reached, the first UVC VIP Event at Dreams Onyx Punta Cana finally was held from August 21-24, and the results were awesome, our members loved it.

Our UVC members had the opportunity to take part in numerous activities that included Aerial Yoga; Sip & Paint; a Sandcastles contest; Rum Tasting; a Private Catamaran; a Cool Runnings tour, among other ones. However one big headlight was the delivery of school utilities to a local school in a community nearby. Our UVC members hand delivered these utilities to young kids along with their teaches. This altruistic activity forms part of a current program named “Home Run by UVC & AMSTAR” that helps small communities with different actions.

We again want to thank all the different Dreams Onyx Punta Cana teams -including the UVC team– for their commitment to this event. We also want to thank all UVC members -including those who are repeaters at our VIP Events- for having attended. You have made many new #UVCMemories.

Thank you very much, and see you at the next VIP event at Secrets Wild Orchid & Secrets St. James Montego Bay!

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