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  >  AMR Collection   >  Highlights of the 2nd Annual VIP Event at Dreams Tulum!

Dreams Tulum is a very recognized resort for its service, beach, facilities, and of course, its food and beverages. This past September, this property located only 7 minutes from Tulum‘s downtown was the host for the second time of this UVC Vip Event that celebrated the Autumn Equinox.

Well, from September 20 – 24, our UVC Members were able to enjoy this beautiful property once again with many activities that included high-end Wine tastings events sponsored by the house, “El Cielo Valle de Guadalupe”; Tequila tastings by El Gran Jurado from Casa Jurado; and of course Grill kitchen lessons by the U.S. Meat Federation. As well our members were able to visit the National Park of Chichen Itzá, a complex of Mayan ruins on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, and considered a World’s Heritage Monument.

Once again, many thanks to all the UVC teams at this property, as well as all the Dreams Tulum teams, who made it possible for our members to create once again new #UVCMemories.

Thank you very much and see you at the next VIP event at Dreams Playa Bonita Panama.

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