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  >  Unlimited Vacation Club   >  Our Dreams Acapulco VIP Event’s Highlights!

The gorgeous piece of paradise of Dreams Acapulco hosted a truly amazing first VIP event for our UVC members, the thirteenth of the year.
This particular event had a very interesting blend of activities, such as Catamarans throughout the Acapulco Bay, an impressive concert with the Acapulco’s Symphonic Orchestra with a Christmas music selection, Gala dinners, and much more

Dozens and dozens of UVC members from different parts of Mexico & the United States enjoyed this event at this beautiful resort located in the Gold zone of the city of Acapulco.

The event was a total success. Once more time, the Dreams Acapulco and Unlimited Vacation Club teams managed to create an unforgettable event full of many surprises. Here are some of the social highlights of the event.

Thank you very much to all members who attended and see you at the next final VIP event of 2021 at Secrets & Dreams Royal Beach.

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