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  >  Contests UVC   >  These are our “10th Anniversary Contest” winners. Congratulations!

We started celebrating our UVC’s 10th Anniversary on October 1st with a contest, and we decided to reward one member per day with different prizes. We asked our UVC members to share their very first #UVCmemory and tell us what this memory meant to them. Here are the 31 winners.

Winners are being contacted individually. Congratulations once again and thank you for participating! 


“Our 1st trip as members was to the amazing Now Amber. We were treated wonderfully and even upgraded to the top floor. We signed up at Dreams Dominicus after loving the resort. We have taken many trips and have many more planned! #UVC10years #CelebratingU” – Ryan

120475370_4751333834940400_611171696276765407_o (1)

“We joined UVC in 2016 the day before our wedding at Secrets Silversands. We joined because we love to travel and enjoy all inclusive resorts. We have traveled several times since joining and look forward to our next vacation. #UVC10years #CelebratingU” – Michael

120757135_4754133204660463_2886514362686567559_o (1)

“We joined UVC as an opportunity to travel with our families and we were up to get married, so we decided to plan our wedding and honeymoon in some AMResorts as our first trip, and we got fascinated! 3 of 10 years with UVC ❤️ #UVC10years #CelebratingU” – Luis A.

120717585_4754266217980495_2128680769969900645_o (1)

“First trip with Mom after learning she had cancer. We met so many new friends at Secrets Huatulco. We love the beach, meeting new people, vacationing with friends and all the memories we were able to make. UVC helped make this possible. #UVC10years #CelebratingU” – Lisa

120831575_4764795373594246_7943722171614395699_o (1)

“Joined at Secrets Papagayo but our 1st UVC trip as a FAMILY was Dreams Riviera Cancun. Loved every moment. Food, shows, pools, service…all top notch. Love being members and proud to be #CelebratingU. Cheers to #UVC10years and look forward to the next 10!” – Anthony

2020-10-08_FB2 (1)

“It was clear from the first time we visited Secrets Akumal that we were meant to be members. We’ve made so many memories with UVC and are proud to be part of the family. Looking forward to our next trip to Secrets Playa Mujeres (for the third time) on Oct 17! #UVC10years#CelebratingU” – Tyler & Jennifer

121000204_4769912703082513_8543913516600800767_o (1)

“We felt in love with Secrets Playa Mujeres and all the staff made us feel like family, thanks for the happiest memories #UVC10years#CelebratingU”. – Javier & Sol.

121187606_4780839931989790_237533654212769335_o (1)

“We joined UVC at Breathless Los Cabos when we announced our first child. We love hotels, food and above all the level of service. We will celebrate our 10th anniversary at Now Amber # UVC10years.” – Oscar.

120948118_4789125744494542_8429064397362607511_o (2)

“Our family is separated by many miles, but our UVC membership brings us together! When we travel, we make memories that keep us connected. This is our 10th year, and we love UVC! #UVC10years.” – Charles

121075664_4794071014000015_7620280224311599456_n (3)

“My Beautiful Fiancé at Capri for her birthday when we became members #UVC10years #NowMyWife – Christian.

121041570_4798734693533647_7457864461842765781_o (1)

“Our first pic using our UVC membership@ Now Jade! Luckily this trip occurred in Feb 2020, so thankfully gave us many wonderful family memories to carry us through this crazy, crazy year! #UVC10years.” – Kristin.

121533574_4804301719643611_6285955315853597038_o (1)

“We joined UVC 5 years ago because we love traveling to the beach! This photo is our first trip to a Now resort. We love everything about UVC properties and are looking forward to our next family trip! #CelebratingU” – Crystal

121295483_4808683075872142_3864914245024657225_o (1)

“We celebrate our # 9 anniversary at Dreams Sands, we have visited their hotels since we were engaged, we love it from the service, the food and the beaches, we decided to become members on our last visit to Dreams #UVC10years” – Silvia

121547709_4813083328765450_8652262235855047112_o (1)

“We became members on our Honeymoon at Secrets; now we are able to enjoy great food, drinks and outstanding service each year on our anniversary! We can’t wait to create more wonderful memories with you, so please call us! #UVC10Years#CelebrateU.” – Luis & Monica

121446970_4817361305004319_7088521664713633332_o (1)

“We have been at Secrets Huatulco (2012) and Secrets Cozumel (2017), but it was until last year that we became members. We enjoyed quality, environment, Spa, attention and food. We realize we have been with UVC for long… Happy anniversary #UVC10years”. – Jorge Carlos

121543065_4821832824557167_4118818775137883292_o (1)

“I purchased my membership because I felt this would be an amazing way to make memories with my family & friends. The 1st trip as a member was a mother/daughter trip to celebrate my daughter’s 13th birthday!! We love UVC!!  #UVC10years #CelebratingU”. – Loretta

121678022_4821949974545452_7239631494674325253_o (2)

“My Valentines! This was the first trip we took after joining UVC in 2013! We joined UVC because we knew that our family would create a lifetime of memories at beautiful resorts all over the world. And we have done just that! #UVC10years”. – Chris

122016602_4829685690438547_6433047953571584322_o (2)

“This photo was taken during our honeymoon at Secrets Aura Cozumel, and what we enjoyed was the most romantic dinner on the pier. We joined the club on July 29, 2018 and every vacation is guaranteed fun. # UVC10years #CelebratingU ”. – Miguel Angel

122070937_4833882446685538_7389875708866391446_o (1)

“Our first UVC trip and all-inclusive ever was incredible. We were sold on day 1! We had never been on a vacation with just the 2 of us, and it has made our marriage so much stronger. I wouldn’t vacation anywhere else. I trust UVC completely!”. – Merideth

122065673_4838088909598225_7277408537733892099_o (1)

This is our first trip as a family traveling with our membership.We love UVC and decided to join because we wanted to give our family the gift of traveling to amazing places! We are looking forward to making many more memories at AMResorts. #CelebratingU – Aili & Ryan

122503401_4842591885814594_6126443277051914175_o (1)

“My wife Ana and I joined as members at Secrets The Vine. This past September – the brand new Dreams Vista Cancun truly made the dream come true for the whole family! Now, the Camacho family is happy to be #CelebratingU on many years to come!!” – Alex & Ana.

122158138_4846742928732823_4162002226011385740_o (1)

“We have been members for 8 years. Since my pregnant photoshoot, my daughter’s first beach, accompanied by her first steps and each of her birthdays we have spent in the resorts!!! It only remains to THANK your entire team and keep #CELEBRATINGU ”- Claudia

122410272_4846768922063557_3304772511574431809_o (1)

“We love UVC so much our first upgrade was the day after we joined. The friends we’ve gained are great but the memories we have made with our family are priceless! What a great feeling to be “Welcomed Home” with UVC! #UVC10years”- Ted and Cheri.

122193447_4846822635391519_2445161736345936337_o (1)

“Our first trip was quite memorable at Secrets Vallarta Bay. Not only did we share the time with our friends, we joined the club so we could spend more time together as members in beautiful locations and resorts! #UVC10years #CelebratingU”- Jeff & Sandi.


“My kids really enjoyed our first trip to Dreams Playa Mujeres. Can’t wait to go back again. #UVC10years #CelebratingU.” – Cristina


“We joined UVC when my wife and I were on our late honeymoon at Secrets Los Cabos two years ago! Now we plan to travel to an all-inclusive resort every anniversary! We love the luxury of Secrets hotels. We look forward to so many more. #UVC10years”. – Thomas


We joined UVC at Secrets Vallarta Bay. We joined UVC so we can travel and make many happy memories throughout the years. We love UVC and we have upgraded twice since joining! #UVC10years #CelebratingU”. – Burns


“We joined UVC at #SecretsTheVine. At the time, we were celebrating our three-year wedding anniversary and my birthday. We love the beautiful resorts, entertainment, food, and the exceptional service”. – Marvin & April


“Traveling from Mérida to Cancun 8 years ago in one of the tollbooths they invited us to go to the Now Jade hotel and there we became members, since then we have had the opportunity to travel 2 times a year to various destinations and brands of AMResorts. #UVC10years.” – Paulo


#UVC10Years. In 2014, we got married at Now Jade. We have celebrated our anniversary at a UVC location every year since 2014. We love all brands and always have a great time. We joined because we were traveling to the Caribbean every year, now with UVC deals” – Travis


“Reminiscing of our Anniversary at the Pier! We joined because we love traveling! #UVC10years #CelebratingU” – Cindy