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Panama City and surrounding areas

What can I expect from Playa Bonita and Panama City?

Playa Bonita lies just across from the Bridge of the Americas, a location that mixes proximity to and seclusion from Panama City. Playa Bonita is a pretty beach with wonderful views.

The area near Playa Bonita was once used by the U.S. Army as a military base, but in recent years has undergone an impressive surge of development. There are a few exclusive resorts like Dreams Playa Bonita lining the coast here that give guests exclusive access to their beautiful beaches. The beach borders a calm section of the Pacific Ocean; Playa Bonita also has nice views of the ocean and Taboga Island in the distance.

Travelers who stay at Playa Bonita have easy access to both Panama City and other attractions within the Canal Zone. Day trips can be made to outdoor areas like the Soberanía National Park and Barro Colorado, while cultural excursions can be made into different parts of the city.

Things to See and Do in Panama City

Playa Bonita beaches
Casco viejo and Panama Viejo
Metropolitan Natural Park
The Panama Canal
Miraflores Canal & Lake
International Cuisine
San Blas island
Isla de Monos (Monkey Island)

“Beautiful Panama City”

“Nature and modernity around Panama City”

What can I expect from Panama City?

Panama is a colorful country that offers itself to active and inquisitive travelers. There is no shortage of things to do and the country’s lack of uniformity makes each destination unique and exciting. Travelers can engage with Panama’s natural side by hiking in its forests or snorkeling around its reefs. Visiting historic sites, including crumbling seaside forts and archaic churches, helps travelers appreciate Panama’s cultural elements. Adventurous types can opt for zip-lining, horseback riding or ATV tours. There is truly something for everyone.

Panama City is a hub in every sense of the word. Located in the Gulf of Panama along the Pacific Coast, Panama City sits in the heart of the country and serves as the main artery through which the rest of Panama receives its visitors, commerce, and culture. The Tocumen International Airport welcomes more flights than anywhere else in Central America; and the Panama Canal dubbed the “crossroads of the world,” has a never-ending line of ships waiting to pass through its locks. The unbelievable number of skyscrapers in Panama City is increasing, and the amount of clubs, restaurants, and shopping malls is constantly on the rise.

7-day weather forecast in Panama City, Panama

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