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A new season of UVC VIP Events has begun. The beautiful and modern Dreams Natura in the beautiful Riviera Cancun was the host of a second VIP event.  Having been recognized as having our member’s favorite SPA in 2022, this resort in such a short period of time has also started to be recognized for its magnificent facilities, food, pools, and service. That’s why our UVC members really enjoyed this new VIP event on this property.

From May 4-7  our members enjoyed a Lucha Libre show, Mexican Party, and Wine Tastings among other activities and dinners which were the highlights of the event.

 Many thanks to all the UVC teams at this property, as well as all the Dreams Natura teams, who made it possible for our members to create once again new #UVCMemories.

Thank you very much and see you at the next VIP event at Secrets Puerto Los Cabos.

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