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A playlist you never knew you needed

“One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain.” These famous Bob Marley lyrics from “Trench Town Rock,” are some of the legend’s wisest.

Music is a scientifically proven mood booster that releases endorphins and the “feel good” chemical dopamine into our bodies. Incorporating some good tunes into our daily routines can help us maintain a healthy and happy mental state.

Allow music to help set the tone of your day and break up the monotony. While taking a vacation to a beautiful beach resort like Breathless Resorts & Spas is an ideal escape, mental escapism is the next best thing. Luckily, a great playlist can transport us anywhere!

We’ve got you covered with the Ultimate beach escape playlist you never knew you needed… until right now. Our “Live Big. Breathe Deep.” collection has been carefully curated with a distinct balance of chill and upbeat jams (perfect for both relaxing and living your best life).

It was created to help you achieve the ideal vacation state of mind. The playlist sets the vacation stage transitioning from a perfect, sunny day into an exciting night full of carefree dancing and fun. Be prepared to feel all the feels!

Tune in whenever you’re craving the feeling of the sun on your skin, your toes in the sand and a refreshing cocktail in hand.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect:

1-Indie / Alternative Rock te hace pasar la mañana con una sonrisa y te prepara para enfrentar el día. Siéntete bien con Passion Pit, The Temper Trap y Florence & the Machine.


2-Las melodías de Deep House, Tropical House y Reggae Rock te llevan a un modo de playa relajado y relajado. Ambiente con Klingande, Kygo, Sublime y Bob Marley.


3-Los éxitos de baile / electro pop te hacen sentir feliz, te mueven y te animan a vivir el momento. Traiga a los felices con Calvin Harris, Cheat Codes y Chainsmokers.


4-Los ritmos del pop latino y el reggaeton aumentan el calor y aumentan los niveles de energía. Abraza tus habilidades de bachata (o la falta de ellas) con Nicky Jam, Don Omar y Enrique Iglesias.


5-La música electrónica de baile continúa animándote con vibraciones positivas mientras dejas que el ritmo se apodere y dejes tus mejores movimientos en la pista de baile. Vive con Major Lazer, Avicii (RIP) y Cash Cash.


6-Los remixes divertidos de los éxitos de 80 y 90 te harán cantar y recordar buenos momentos. ¡Devuélvelo con A-ha, Tracy Chapman, Robyn y más!

Live Big, Breathe Deep and vibe out to the ultimate beach escape playlist.


Please note, “Despacito” was not used in the making of this playlist … you’re welcome.