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Weekend getaways for couples - Special occasions

Romantic trips are the perfect way to celebrate special occasions, and Unlimited Vacation Club offers amazing weekend getaways for couples. Whether you’re celebrating your honeymoon, anniversary, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or even if you just want to surprise your partner with a spontaneous trip, this lifestyle vacation club is there to make your vacation memorable.

1. Honeymoon

Lifestyle vacation club - Honeymooners having a private beach dinner

Your honeymoon is your first holiday as a married couple. It’s the perfect time to relax after all the restless wedding preparations. Unlimited Vacation Club offers multiple romantic destinations, such as Costa Rica, that can make your honeymoon an unforgettable experience.

From sipping champagne on a private beach to romantic candlelit dinners at Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica, UVC ensures that your honeymoon becomes the most beautiful start to your journey together.

“10 days in Costa Rica Dreams Resort for our honeymoon! It was so romantic and adventurous! We loved every minute!! #Unlimited appreciation #UVC memories.”

UVC member from USA, Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica

2. Your Anniversary

Unlimited Vacation Club - Secrets Aura Cozumel

Anniversaries are milestones that deserve special recognition. It’s a celebration of your journey together and what better way to celebrate it than a romantic getaway? UVC offers a variety of destinations to choose from, such as Cozumel in Mexico.

You can revisit your honeymoon destination or explore a new place together. With UVC, you can celebrate your love in a way that fits your style, like having fun on a water slide at Secrets Aura Cozumel.

“We had an amazing 40th Anniversary trip with a highlight of snorkeling together for the first time ever at the resort!!”

UVC member from USA, Secrets Aura Cozumel

3. Your or Your Partner’s Birthday

Birthdays are another great excuse for a romantic trip. A surprise birthday trip can be an excellent gift for your partner. Unlimited Vacation Club can help you plan the perfect surprise with their fabulous range of destinations, such as Montego Bay, Jamaica, and activities.

From adventurous activities for adrenaline junkies, such as water sports, to relaxing with your partner at your Presidential suite for peace lovers, there’s something for everyone at UVC.

“#UVCmemories For our 1st trip to Jamaica, we chose Secrets Wild Orchid for the 1st anniversary of our UVC membership and Craig’s birthday. We had our photos taken by the resort photographer @ sunset. #UnlimitedAppreciation.”

UVC members from USA, Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay

4. Valentine’s Day

Lifestyle vacation club - Dreams Los Cabos

Valentine’s Day, the day of love, is another perfect occasion for a romantic getaway. Instead of the usual chocolates and flowers, why not surprise your partner with a weekend trip to Dreams Los Cabos Suites Golf Resort & Spa in Mexico?

Unlimited Vacation Club can help you plan an amazing Valentine’s Day weekend filled with love and adventure. The beautiful sunsets and serene beaches will surely add to the romance.

“We worked hard to get back together. A year later […] we took a dream vacation together and had an absolutely wonderful experience. We rekindled our relationship in Cabo and dream of returning!”

UVC members from USA, Dreams Los Cabos

5. Just Because!

Best Secrets Resort in Cancun - Secrets Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa

Lastly, you don’t always need an occasion to plan a romantic trip. ‘Just because’ is reason enough! Surprise your partner with a spontaneous trip just to show them how much they mean to you.

UVC offers a wide range of destinations and activities that you can choose from. Your ‘just because’ trip can be as adventurous or as relaxing as you want it to be. For example, if you want to disconnect from daily obligations, you could enjoy a couples’ massage at Secrets Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa, the best Secrets Resort in Cancun!

“Our first Secrets’ visit was Riviera Cancun […] it is still one of our favorite resorts. The sunrise renews and refreshes my soul!! #UVCmemories #UnlimtedAppreciation.”

UVC members from USA, Secrets Riviera Cancun

In conclusion, Unlimited Vacation Club offers fantastic weekend getaways for couples. Be it a honeymoon, an anniversary, a birthday, Valentine’s Day, or a ‘just because’ trip, UVC ensures that your vacation is filled with love, adventure, and unforgettable memories.

Why wait for an occasion? Plan your romantic getaway with UVC now!

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