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  >  Activities & Events   >  Amazing and fun experience of members in Secrets Puerto Los Cabos

We know that when you are about to celebrate any special moment -be it a wedding, anniversary, birthday- or even just a reunion or gathering between family or friends, you imagine it in a dream place.

You look for that magical scenery for that great moment and with all the formality that is required to do it, spectacularly, exceeding your expectations and those of your guests.

That was what happened in the beautiful beach paradise of Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Resort & Spa. One of our members, Wendy Jacobs, of Henderson, Nevada, U.S.A., planned a trip with 24 girlfriends for a week to this beautiful destination of Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

The members enjoyed various activities with the Secrets Puerto Los Cabos entertainment team, including sports such as tennis, volleyball, tequila tastings, club nights in Desires, and several dinners at the resort’s facilities.

After that reunion between friends, Wendy stayed with Wayne her husband, another week with 7 other couples, who were able to live in the same way, a great experience in the beautiful paradise of Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Resort & Spa.

We thank Wendy and her friends for sharing these beautiful moments with us and our UVC members and we invite you to share your #UVCmemories through our widget by CLICKING HERE.