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Events & Activities - UVC membership levels

Welcome to Unlimited Vacation Club (UVC), where excellence and exclusivity are the foundation of every experience. As a member of our UVC membership levels, you hold the key to unlocking a world of select events and captivating activities, specially designed to satisfy your wishes for luxury and adventure.

UVC Membership Levels: Unprecedented Privileges

At UVC, we appreciate the diversity of our members and offer personalized UVC membership levels, each with its privileges and advantages. From exciting VIP events to preferential rates, each membership level is a promise of unforgettable moments and customized services. Not only will you enjoy the flexibility and benefits of your membership, but also preferential prices at Unlimited Vacation Club that reflect the true value of being part of our travel community.

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VIP Events: The Definition of Exclusivity For All UVC Membership Levels

Our VIP events are the personification of glamour and distinction. Imagine private parties in our rooftops, gala dinners at our resort facilities, and unique adventures in exotic destinations in the Caribbean and Europe, all reserved for our valuable community. These events are the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in sophistication and enjoy first-class attention.

Memorable Activities: Beyond Adventure

UVC membership levels - Yoga classes at the beachWhether you are looking for relaxation or are eager for adventure, the activities designed for our members are unparalleled. Explore, choose, and enjoy everything from private Ceviche Cooking Classes at Secrets Capri, to ecological excursions that will connect you with nature and local cultures in a respectful and authentic way, like the Tamezcal ceremony in Tulum. Each experience is carefully selected to enrich your stay and leave an indelible mark on your memory.

Make the Most of Your UVC Membership Levels

Ready to make the most of your membership? Visit our blog where you will find tricks for your Unlimited Vacation Club membership levels that will allow you to enjoy your vacations even more. We love to pamper our travelers with insider tips that enhance each stay, from selecting the perfect suite to discovering hidden gems in each destination.

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Testimonials that Inspire

The words of our members are the best evidence of the magic of UVC. In our testimonial section, members like you share their vacation stories that go beyond the ordinary. These vibrant and authentic narratives are the inspiration to continue evolving and offer the extraordinary in every corner of the world.

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Unlimited Vacation Club is committed to offering top-quality experiences that match your passion for life and your desire to explore new destinations through a luxury window. Join us and transform your vacations into a legacy of precious moments that will be treasured forever.