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Make the most out of your stay at Secrets Resorts & Spas

Indulging in the Unlimited Vacation Club’s lifestyle at our Secrets Resorts & Spas is just like finding yourself in a slice of paradise where every moment is tailored for incredible relaxation and luxury.

As members of Unlimited Vacation Club, you have the unique opportunity to elevate your holiday experience to unprecedented levels. Here are some invaluable tips to ensure that you make the most out of your stay at these stunning retreats.

Unlimited Vacation Club Lifestyle Tips

1. Get Familiar With Your Unlimited Vacation Club Membership

Firstly, plan ahead to enjoy every benefit that comes with your Unlimited Vacation Club membership.

Before you arrive, familiarize yourself with the specific amenities and experiences available at your chosen Secrets Resorts & Spas.

This could range from spa services to water sports, gourmet dining experiences, and exclusive members-only events.

By knowing what’s on offer, you can create a personal itinerary that integrates the best of what the Unlimited Vacation Club lifestyle has to offer.

Member Review

“I’m happy that we got to celebrate 4 birthdays and an anniversary in Montego Bay this past September! It was a great time sharing a week with our friends and we had an amazing time! I’m so thankful that our membership allowed us to share these memories together!”

2. Book In Advance

Advance booking is another key tip. As members of Unlimited Vacation Club, you and your partner might have access to priority reservations at restaurants, spas, and other facilities (subject to availability).

Make sure to secure your spots early, especially for fine dining experiences or popular spa treatments, for a smooth stay.

The concierge service at Secrets Resorts & Spas can assist in making these arrangements, ensuring you get the full VIP treatment.

Member Review

“We just love Secrets! We joined back in March 2012 as Silver Members and are now Platinum. We look forward to many more vacations in the future.”

Unlimited Vacation Club member from Unlimited Vacation Club, Secrets St James

3. Explore All Member-Only Experiences

To truly embrace the Unlimited Vacation Club lifestyle, don’t shy away from exploring all the experiences and special rates crafted for members.

From private romantic dinners on the beach to sunset champagne toasts, these special touches can transform your stay from wonderful to extraordinary.

Additionally, take advantage of any members-only areas such as lounges or pools that offer a more romantic, secluded, and upscale environment (subject to availability).

Member Review

“I love getting spoiled while on vacation. We had a day at the beach cabana with our own butler. We were around great friends, being served delicious drinks and fabulous food!! What an amazing day!! #Unlimited Vacation Clubmemories #UnlimitedAppreciation.”

4. Connect With Staff & Other Members

Unlimited Vacation Club lifestyle - Connect with other members

Connect with staff and other Unlimited Vacation Club members as well. Our VIP member-only events are great for that!

The staff at our Secrets Resorts & Spas are renowned for their exceptional service and insider knowledge.

They can offer recommendations that align with your interests and help facilitate any special requests you may have.

Socializing with fellow Unlimited Vacation Club couples can also lead to new friendships and tips on how to further enjoy your membership perks.

Member Review

“We love our membership #ProudUnlimited Vacation Clubmember We have been members for many years and Unlimited Vacation Club’s resort chains offer world-class service in [beautiful] destinations with the most professional and friendly staff. We have met and fostered many friendships over the years with members who, like us, enjoy the Unlimited Vacation Club perks. We have been to most Secrets Resorts & Spas and enjoy Secrets Vallarta Bay Puerto Vallarta. It offers a fun and friendly atmosphere, great staff, and a wonderful resort. We are proud to be members. Thank You.”

Unlimited Vacation Club members from Canada, Secrets Vallarta Bay Puerto Vallarta

5. Use The Member Portal & The Blog

Use the Unlimited Vacation Club member portal and subscribe to our blog to stay informed about any updates or exclusive offers that may enhance your stay.

The digital convenience allows you to adjust plans on the fly and ensures you’re always in the know about what’s happening around our Secrets Resorts & Spas.

Member Review

“#ProudUnlimited Vacation Clubmember We joined Unlimited Vacation Club so we could make memories with our family. We were able to take our moms on vacation (my mom’s first trip out of the country.) We all had such an amazing time at Secrets Vallarta Bay Puerto Vallarta, staff was amazing and treated our moms like royalty. The staff remembered our moms and interacted with them throughout the resort. My husband and I are excited to be able to make more memories with our family. Thank you Unlimited Vacation Club.”

Unlimited Vacation Club member from Canada, Secrets Vallarta Bay Puerto Vallarta

6. Relax and Explore the Resort

Lastly, take time to relax and enjoy the exquisite surroundings of our Secrets Resorts & Spas.

Whether it’s lounging by the infinity pool, strolling along the beachfront, or simply enjoying the luxury of your suite, remember that relaxation is the key of the Unlimited Vacation Club lifestyle.

Allow yourself to disconnect from the routine and immerse in the romantic environment that these resorts so beautifully provide.

Member Review

“View from our favorite rest and relaxation spot.”

Unlimited Vacation Club member from USA, Secrets Akumal Riviera Maya

Incorporating these tips into your travel plans will ensure that your vacation at our Secrets Resorts & Spas is nothing short of spectacular.

With a bit of preparation and a willingness to enjoy all that is offered, your Unlimited Vacation Club membership becomes a gateway to a world of exclusive luxury and unforgettable memories.