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  >  Restaurants & Bars   >  Wine Spectator Recognizes Secrets and Dreams Resorts as Top Destinations for UVC Members

We are proud to announce that Secrets Huatulco and Dreams Huatulco receive the Wine Spectator recognition.

Wine Spectator magazine is the most influential publication in the world of wine. It has a history of more than 20 years since its launch.

The publication has more than 320,000 wine and tasting reviews, news, expert recommendations, etc. among which include restaurant recognition for its wine selection (The Restaurant Wine Spectator Awards).

Wine Spectator recognizes restaurants for their dedication and care in the selection of wines, which make good pairing with their cuisine and offer great variety to please all palates.

The prizes are divided into 3 levels:

AWARD OF EXCELLENCE – Cup – Wine list with at least 90 options from qualified producers, in addition to a thematic pairing with the menu.

BEST OF AWARD OF AWARD OF EXCELLENCE – 2 Cups – Wine List with 350 or more options from different wine regions.

GRAND AWARD – 3 Cups – Wine Cards with 1,000 or more options from multiple regions and varied crops.

This year, the restaurants that were awarded AWARD OF EXCELLENCE recognition are:

Portofino in Dreams Huatulco and Bordeaux in Secrets Huatulco.

With this recognition, it places them in the favorites of wine lovers!

If you are one of them, choose Huatulco for your next getaway with Unlimited Vacation Club!
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