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  >  U Stories   >  Another ‘U Story’ from our members in the Dominican Republic

We are proud to share with you pictures about a recent visit of our Members Richard & Georganne Senecaut -who stayed at Dreams Dominicus La Romana,– did to the school El Limon of San Rafael De Yuma District in the Dominican Republic.

They donated clothes, shoes, school materials, toys, and money to build more classrooms since currently there are only four classrooms and there is not enough space for many kids. Due to this, they are forced to be outside with the heat and sun.

senecaut 9

Richard & Georganne say they feel like Dominicans; they have come already six times to the region, and they love it.

They really love to donate and share with locals their experiences, their time.

Thank you so much for sharing with UVC all these inspiring stories that motivate others to do similar activities; thank you for your donations, time, and help.