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  >  Contests UVC   >  The Winners for the “UVC’s Lifestyle Collection Contest” are here.

UVC members participated from August 9 thru August 31,2019 to win a chance to relax, enjoy, and kick-back on leading cruise lines to destinations like the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and Mexico!*

They were invited to share with us a memory of their past cruise or future dream cruise with #UVCLifestyleCollection.

We are pleased to announce the winners!

1st Place:  7-day cruise vacation for two by Lifestyle Collection.

Melanie Butler

Cruise destination: St. Thomas

My sister is turning 40 May of 2020. I would love to be able to take her on her first cruise for her birthday. She is an extremely hard worker with a huge heart. I’d love to take her to St. Thomas to see the beauty of the Virgin Islands. She deserves to relax and not feel like she owes anyone for this amazing experience. She has gone through many hardships and I want to show her there’s so much to look forward too. I love UVC and all the opportunities it has brought into my life. It’d mean the whole to me to be able to share this with her. #UVCLifestyleCollection

1 august - Melanie Butler

2nd Place: 3-night / 4-night cruise vacation for two by Lifestyle Collection.

Mark & Cheryl Duncan

Cruise destination: Southern Caribbean: Aruba / Half Moon Cay / Curacao

This was our honeymoon 12 years ago, and it was a great start to our marriage. We wined and dined feeling like celebrities. We did some parasailing, snorkeling and rented a private cabana for the day. We had the time of our life during those seven sweet days of bliss and would love to return someday soon. #UVCLifestyleCollection

2 august - Mark & Cheryl Duncan V3

3rd Place: Spa Certificate valued at $600 USD.

Estefanya Sereno Zamora

Cruise destination: Caribbean or Mexico

We love traveling together and we´re passionate about the sea and beach; we had the opportunity to take the sunset catamaran in Zöetry Paraíso de la Bonita, but we´ve never experienced a cruise vacation. We would really love being able to live such a once in a lifetime adventure. Watch the ocean, the sun, different landscapes and enjoy the fantastic #UVCLifestyleCollection amenities. We are certain that they offer the best quality; and it would be our dream vacation because we don´t have kids yet, we would recommend it for sure!

3 august - Estefanya Sereno

All the stories were great, so we decided to award one more participant from the top 10 finalists. Congratulations to the 4th place:

4th Place: Spa Certificate valued at $300 USD.

Aída Lizeth Mercado Diaz

Cruise Destination: Mexican Caribbean

We´re ready for the new adventure offered by #UVCLifestyleCollection!! We´re happy and look forward to living a new experience like no other, and what better than sharing it with the family. A new trip, to live our future!! God gives me a precious life, all I have to do is enjoy it, and the best way to enjoy life is traveling.

4 august - Aída Lizeth Mercado Diaz V2